Natural Facelift Method - only £3.99

Congratulations! You are about to embark on a journey to re-discover a more youthful, toned and vibrant face and neck. Bring the fun back into putting your make-up on instead of doing a cover up job. 

Cosmetic companies have built a multi million pound industry around the concerns most women have about ageing. They sell us so called "miracle" products that we eagerly pay large sums of money for in the hope that they will deliver even half of what they promise.  Some put their health and their looks at risk by having expensive facial surgery, chemical peels and botox, only to find they need to have it done again and again.

We all know that physical exercise is beneficial on many levels it keeps the body healthy and functioning well, keeps weight down and the body looking firm and trim, it also makes you feel good. 

What a lot of people do not realise is that you can exercise your facial muscles and get striking results.   I first came across the concept of exercising your facial muscles about twenty eight years ago when I was concerned about a double chin. 

At that time there was one book available by Senta Maria Runge, she had been running classes in Hollywood for those in the acting profession. Years later I looked again for more on this topic.  I noticed that I always seemed to look tired, fine lines were changing to deeper ones and my face was losing definition.  There are many books available now, some good, some not so good.  Many pack their pages out with superfluous babble. I spent a year looking into the best exercises that actually worked and did not require too much time, energy or any electrical equipment. That is what I am bringing to you now as one woman to another.

The joy of  working out your facial muscles is you do not need any special equipment, gym membership or outfit.  You just do them in the comfort of your own home while watching TV, doing the housework, having a shower/bath or anything else you do.  With just a few minutes each day you will soon feel and see the benefits. 

Make up, rather than being a cover up job becomes a real joy to apply as your skin tone and texture improve, your eyes lift and that saggy jaw line tightens up.  You will look more awake and vibrant.

Caring for your skin properly is important and we all know that daily gentle cleansing, removal of make up before bed, enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy diet and using a moisturiser with an SPF (yes even in winter) are keys to healthy skin.  After that you need to combat the effects of gravity and ageing with a gentle but effective exercise routine.

What I am offering you here  -   is a chance to make a real difference to your appearance and to experience the benefits of a gentle facelift for yourself for the price of a  bottle of nail polish, without the need for painful surgery, expensive lotions and potions.

Bring the fun back into putting your make-up on instead of doing a cover up job. 

What you will receive is a simple, full facial exercise routine (including some acupressure points) to practise for ten minutes each day.  Each exercise has clear instructions and there are photographs. The exercises cover all the main areas of concern: forehead and frown lines, heavy/sagging upper eyelids, under eye bags, sagging cheeks and jawline, lines from nose to mouth and general loss of tone, vitality. 

Here are a couple of examples from the warm up routine. You can try these in the morning after you have cleansed and moisturised, before you put your makeup on - just gently hold the earlobes between your thumb and forefinger and rub gently then slowly work your way up and around the rim of the ear and then back down again. 

Next gently tap your face and neck with the flat of your hand a couple of times all over, you will notice the circulation has improved and that your face has a fresher appearance. Now that your face is warmed up you would normally start the facial exercise routine.  But just these two examples will make you look fresher and aid absorption of your moisturiser or nourishing cream.

As you can see from the example on the left above, you will not be receiving glamour photographs using a 19 year old model doing the routine. You will see me, a 47 year old woman with two young children bravely only wearing tinted moisturiser so that you can see how the exercise will look. This is reality not cosmetic company hype.

I suggest you pop into one of those instant photo booths, tie your hair back and look straight on at the camera without smiling. Use this photo as your measure for results. Now start the exercise programme and then in four weeks time take another shot and then a further one after another 4 weeks. This way you can really tell that it is working. Also, don't tell your friends that you are doing it, wait for them to tell you how well you look or ask if you have been away, or changed your hair.

What are you waiting for?  Get started now, on confirmation of payment from paypal your full programme will immediately be sent to you and you can download your exercises immediately.

Come on, start enjoying looking in the mirror!

Cost: £3.99 by email


"Amazing results, very happy indeed. I am 47 years old and an artist/painter. Some months ago I suffered chemical burns to eyes with which the area between eye and eyebrow swelled immensely, swelling filled with fluid. Well you can image the stretching of the skin, when swelling/fluid reduced was left with empty skin bags that hung down over eyes and being the age that I am, the skin has not the elasticity to shrink back. However, I first used an electronic machine, which bore little results. I still had loose skin bags hanging over outside corners of eyes. I then found Gillian's website and ordered the programme. Well, you can see the results. Truly amazing and for just a few minutes each day..though I will say, the eye/forehead exercises, I did maybe three times a day initially. Results are noticed almost immediately. Highly recommend.....R.D. Spain"
Natural Face Lift